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Photographed by Natalie Costello

As you very well know we like to make real connections with artist across the world. We could not pass up the oportunity to talk with the singer-songwriter & producer StaJe. Over the past year we have seen his name come across our radar a few times. From reaching the Global Billboards charts with his single “Keisha” to writing an amazon best-seller in “5 easy steps to success in music”, we have seen nothing but admirable achievements from the billboard charting artist.
He is widely known mostly for rapping. With over 1 million spotify plays and over 100k views on all his music videos, its unbenounced to most of us that he will be releasing something so incredibly different not only from his own music but also from what most artist are doing in todays music.
Over the years pop and r&b has found interesting collaboration with hip-hop artist. You rarely get to see a hip-hop artist show range that replicate the sounds that we listened to back in the 80s. You had the sensational vocals of Michael Jackson but also the story-telling of none other than the late great George Michael. Its just simply rare to find anyone that can not only write music and make you feel it, but also to articulate it so beautfuly and effortlessly as StaJe does in his new release UP. It made me feel again. Here at Vogue, we would never want to disrespect our late greats but I think they would be proud if they were here today and had a chance to listen to this as I did. Its also hard to compare an independent artist to the likes of modern day stars such as The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, Harry Styles and so on. He is definitely going to be one of the most compelling artist to nominate for new artist awards at almost every musical ceremony.

Photographed by Natalie Costello

We tried to reach out to his team but he is currently shooting the music video to this release. We did get to speak briefly with his manager Andy Jin and he told us that if you ever liked Michael Jacksons music videos then you will relive those moments after you watch this one. We asked him is there a release date for the single and he gave us great news! The songs will be available August 15. With just a few weeks away we had to know the status of the music video. He was only able to tell us to stay tuned and the release date for that will be coming within the new few weeks.
They gave us a private listen a couple weeks back and we could not be more happy about excited for them on this project. Its going to be a delight for most who can appreciate music that makes them feel. When lyrics and melody actually meant something! Until then we will be anticipating the drop of “UP” on all streaming platforms August 15th.

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?”
– Michael Jackson

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