Top 7 beauty salon that would blow you away in MIAMI

If you’ve been searching high and low for the best nail salons in Miami for manicures and pedicures, look no further! We have done the work for you.

Finding a nail salon in Miami is serious business. You can’t trust just any salon to pamper you, execute the design you want, and provide a long-lasting manicure. That’s why we went out there and found the best nail salons that Miami has to offer, and we’re counting them down all the way to number one.

Without any further ado, the top 7 nail salons in Miami, Florida:


Rik Rak Salon


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Located in the heart of Brickell, Rik Rak’s 6,000 sq. ft. site contains an impressive full service salon, diverse boutique and bar.

With a team of renowned stylists that have gathered here from all over the world to serve the stylish and contemporary Brickell community.

You can browse trendy clothing, handbags, chic jewelry and sip on a glass of wine while you enjoy balayage and keratin treatment to process.

Rik Rak is a world of beauty, fashion and style; guests visit for everything from highlights to high heels, from exceptional facials to delectable chef-crafted meals at their exquiste bar.

They provide an opportunity for head-to-toe transformation, a one stop shop before stepping out into the city.





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Mano offer 2 tiers of Nail Art: Simple and Moderate. They carry over 150+ designs within their nail art collection and we can also accommodate any design you have in mind.

They have a Signature collection that is always on display as a great tool to help illustrate the difference between “Simple” and “Moderate”, as well as general pricing for nail art


Luv Nail Shop


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Luv is a modern nail shop inspired by conscious living and created on the importance of self-luv.

They create a self-care haven where you’ll feel gorgeous, confident, and like you’re right at home the moment you walk in

Luv was created for the modern woman who makes a conscious choice every single day to make self-care a part of their daily routine, who knows that self-luv isn’t selfish but necessary.


Vanity Projects

@ vanityprojectsmia

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Vanity Projects is a luxury concept that merges a high-end nail art atelier with video art programming. With the vision is to re-shape the way patrons perceive and experience video art by placing it in an engaging environment.

They specialize in innovative manicures from the most sought-after nail artists in addition to a standard nail salon menu using the finest nail lacquers.

They give nail arts a brand new meaning.

They also opened the Vanity Projects Institute to teach others how to sharpen their manicure skills.


Gloss Nail Bar

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Gloss Nail bar is a luxurious and chic nail salon that offers all nail related services. They provide quality work, great customer service and the cleanest and sanitize salon environment possible!

They stand out by always having the latest nail trend and providing a trendy and modern atmosphere. They use the best products to offer to our clients.

They really raise the bar of what a nail salon and nail art should be!


Le salon sunny isles


Formerly Jean-Claude Biguine, Le Salon Paris in Sunny Isles is where great nail design begins with the client. They pride in studying individual features, characteristics and personal style, applying each style and color with careful consideration and precision, creating the ultimate individualized look that’s effortlessly sophisticated

With nail specialists that use high quality products to provide you with a luxurious and healthy manicure experience.

My Agnes Miami


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My Agnes is the crème de la crème Miami. MY AGNES takes “THE CROWN” with the top of the line manicures and pedicures from experienced professionals and their much known Russian techniques for cuticle treatments.

They have an excellent variety of high quality polishes, and the latest Apres system with Bio Gel which is a service very well known in Russia and Ukraine, Whether you’re looking for a builder gel manicure to enhance your natural nails a modern and edgy design, or nails with chrome details, you’ll be able to receive it at My Agnes. They are the home of the “perfect manicure”.

Their manicure and other classic services are definitely worthy of being named the best of the best.

If you want to pamper yourself and enjoy the best of the best nail art services! Go to, the best nail salon in Miami today.