The Revolution of High-End Social Media, With the Founder of Artistic Initiative Agency, the Most Creative Entrepreneur of 2021

At his residence in Houston, Texas, the founder of Artistic Initiative Agency still keeps the videotapes he and his cousins recorded back when he was a child. 

The tapes are already technological relics, although only 24 years have elapsed since one of the founder’s older cousins first obtained the video camera they used to play with. The founder preserves the tapes as a reminiscence of more simple times. Inside them are the short films, reenactments of the Matrix and other action movies, random comedy videos, and recordings of family holiday gatherings the founder and his cousins used to do for fun. 

“It’s crazy to think that I still have all these small videotapes at my house right now,” said the founder with a tone of nostalgia underneath his voice. 

The founder of Artistic Initiative continues to cradle the memories of his modest beginnings in video production. Almost a quarter of a century after the founder produced his first home video, he is now the head of one of the fastest growing online marketing agencies worldwide. 

For the founder and his company, 2021 has been a year of momentous transformations and growth. After only one year in the market, Artistic Initiative Agency began 2021 based at the founder’s home and with a reduced team. Eleven months later, with a growing list of prominent entrepreneurs among its clientele, the agency today owns two offices in Houston and Atlanta, Georgia.

Over the past year, the founder and his company have gained notoriety for revolutionizing the world of social media marketing. Artistic Initiative’s business model is unlike any other form of traditional social media marketing. The agency develops personalized, high-quality content for companies and CEOs to transform them into social media influencers.

The work of the founder and his team in recent months has earned the founder the title of Most Creative Entrepreneur of 2021.

In an exclusive interview, the founder reflected on his career as a creator and discussed how he and his company have significantly transformed the entire social media marketing industry. For this interview, the founder requested that his identity remain anonymous.

The interview was a dive into the mind of an outstanding innovator. The enthusiasm in the founder’s voice as he described his work and vision was contagious. 

The founder recounts that growing up, his life always revolved around directing and video production. Behind the camera, the founder found a place where he could exploit his innate creativity.

“My interest was always in video directing. As much as I like being in front of the camera, I like even more being behind the camera because you have more control over the entire creative process,” said the founder.

Throughout high school, the founder grew a fervent passion for video production and broadcasting. He participated in his high school broadcast program and produced ads and videos for school events. Although the founder’s wish to study broadcasting in college did not fulfill, he never renounced his lifetime passion and maintained a fierce willingness to constantly improve his skills. 

“Fast forward all these years later, I am back in the same field,” commented the founder.

According to the founder, the idea of creating personalized, influencer-style content for CEOs came to him by accident. 

Back in 2016, the founder became a follower of Jake and Logan Paul. The Paul brothers’ characteristic vlogging style and the quality of their content intrigued the founder. Suddenly, he found himself absorbed in the Paul’s brothers’ videos, as he jokingly admits.

“Almost immediately, I got sucked into the lifestyle that the Paul brothers were portraying in their videos,” said the founder. “I found it so interesting that there was a moment that I was literally going over all of their videos.”

During this same period, the founder began watching the business videos of Gary Vaynerchuk. The founder liked the concept of Vaynerchuk’s vlog series, the DailyVee; however, he found the style of these videos dry and monotonous at times.

Gary Vee’s content “was not as entertaining; it was just very educational. It was the simple following someone around with a camera format with some slight editing,” said the founder.

The founder envisioned creating educational and professional content for companies, utilizing the Paul brothers’ vlogging style. Unknowingly, the founder was touching virgin soil in the world of social media marketing. He decided to present this idea to a CEO in Houston, thus, sowing the seed for the eventual creation of the Artistic Initiative Agency. 

This CEO “was ok with it, and it took off right away,” said the founder. “I combined the whole aspect of the education and entrepreneurship with the fun style of Logan and Jake, and people around this client loved the content I was putting out for him.”

The founder immediately recognized the immense latent potential of this new form of social media marketing. This innovative approach had a unique appeal. As the founder explained, the goal of this type of content is to center all the attention on clients, providing them a sense of confidence and creating awareness.

“That is the beauty of creating a piece of content,” said the founder. “Behind the camera, you can direct everything, put everything into play, and edit it exactly as you want, and then, you can let the subject receive all the acclaim. That awareness and appreciation become the client’s ROI.”

Years after the founder first conceived the idea of creating influencer-style content for businesses, he and his company have perfected this innovative marketing approach. Over the past year, Artistic Initiative Agency has established itself as the head of a social media marketing revolution.

At Artistic Initiative Agency, “we are doing the reality-vlog-style content like no one else can do it. I’ve seen others trying to emulate what we do, and it is very tough,” asserted the founder.

Keeping up with the latest trends and replicating the techniques of successful influencers are some of the keys that have allowed the Artistic Initiative team to perfect their content. The founder admits he is a voracious consumer of pop culture; this attribute has proven essential in a constantly evolving industry like social media marketing, where staying up to date is critical.

“I consume more content than I create. I watch the creators on Youtube and follow what is trending to learn what kind of edits, what kind of cuts, what type of music, and what transitions to use,” explained the founder.

This meticulous attention to detail is evident in the quality of Artistic Initiative’s work. The founder and his team are constantly searching for ways to renovate themselves and improve the quality of the work they produce. 

Another critical feature of the Artistic Initiative’s content production model is the interaction with clients during shooting sessions. The founder instructs his team to become an active part during filming, helping clients feel more comfortable in front of the camera by giving them positive feedback.

“It is like those 80’s tv shows with live studio audiences,” explained the founder. “I teach my team that when you are behind the camera, you want to communicate with clients; you want to laugh at the funny jokes; you want to set up jokes that will be funny; you want to point out silly situations and laugh out loud at them, providing that excitement to viewers while all focus is on the subject.”

Along with content production, the Artistic Initiative team also pays close attention to social media feed esthetic. The founder and his graphic design team carefully curate a cohesive feed esthetic that matches their clients’ brands.

“When you get three months in with a client, man, that feed looks beautiful!” said the founder in a humorous tone.

Artistic Initiative Agency pairs the high-quality content and the carefully designed feed aesthetic with social media campaigns that ensure maximum engagement and growth. The agency enrolls its clients in some of the most exclusive social media campaigns used by celebrities and prominent public figures.

“With our clients, we are running in the same campaigning circles that the Kardashian and the Rock use. This shows you that the world of social media is not as big once you get into it,” said the founder.

Finally, Artistic Initiative Agency complements the rollout of content for social media with magazine and news articles that help clients build brand credibility. The agency’s copywriting team goes outside of the monotonous Q&A format, creating features with a level of storytelling and description that resembles a novel.

“Our articles are not the typical questions ‘what made you start your business?’ or ‘what inspires you?;’  it’s not that. Our articles are in-depth stories about our clients and what they want to tell the world. They are literally like a page out of a book,” said the founder.

Today, no other online marketing agency has the portfolio of services offered by Artistic Initiative. The agency’s unique combination of humourous vlogging style, cinematic-quality content, aesthetic feed design, and engaging press coverage is what the founder describes as “the magnetic formula for success.”

The quality of Artistic Initiative’s work has a distinctive signature. The founder has assembled a team of elite creatives who take pride in providing top-tier service to their clients. Consequently, the Artistic Initiative signature has now become a synonym of high-end social media.

“What makes us different from traditional online marketing agencies is the quality and the longevity of our work,” explained the founder. “It’s like getting a plain white T-shirt from Walmart or Gucci. The difference in quality is immediately evident; you can feel it, and people on the outside can notice it. Artistic Initiative is that; we are the Gucci of social media.”

At the end of our interview, the founder could not hide his excitement towards the future of Artistic Initiative Agency. He enthusiastically looks forward to continuing to innovate the social media marketing industry.

The founder acknowledges the role of Artistic Initiative as a pioneer in a new form of social media marketing. Thus, in January 2022, the founder and his team are preparing to launch a consulting course to help other creative entrepreneurs build a successful social media marketing company.

The founder does not take for granted his award for Most Creative Entrepreneur of 2021. As 2022 approaches, the founder and his team continue to work day and night to make Artistic Initiative Agency the highest authority in the new era of social media marketing.

“We are not selling a service; we are not selling videography; we are not selling branding; we are not selling the esthetic, the growth, or the following,” concluded the founder. “What we are really selling is perception, the style, the ego, the lifestyle.”

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo, 

In association with Artistic Initiative Agency