Tama Leia has been working hard building her empire and most recently, introducing the world to her sweater collection. 

I can’t help but adore how romantic she is. 

In an earlier interview, she likens her company to being in love saying the more she builds her brand the more she falls in love with it. In fact the entire theme of her collection is “love”. 

The beautiful wool sweaters which she refers to as, Les pulls de petit ami, (for now)are only temporarily named (as a fleeting moniker) until she gets married or engaged. 

She has decidedly been inspired to change the name when she is happily betrothed again. At that time they will without a doubt be dedicated to her new love. Especially the  Je’taime Tres Fort Sweaters  which translates to, “I love you strongly.”  It conveys the message, “I adore you to the fullest extent possible.” 

She grins when she tells me that he (her new love) will get as many sweaters as he wants.

“Bonjour, comment ça va?” She says smiling at someone off-camera. 

“Ça, va et toi?” I hear the other voice say. 

“Ça va, très bien,” She says nodding and waving good bye, “Passe une bonne journée,”  

Then informs me that the person she was talking to is someone helping her with an upcoming photo shoot. She’s the model of kindness and grace. 

From all the bulletin boards and clippings she has upon her walls, I can tell that she is quite busy. She tells me the secret of staying so organized: 

“I talk a lot about my Org Board because it has helped me so much with my business. The second I started implementing it I’ve never looked back. It helps me to keep a very high level of discipline in my life and to strategize and plan in a way that wasn’t possible before. The amount of order it brings daily to my life never ceases to amaze me.” 

Leia is quite savvy when it comes to business, creating quite a stir before her creations were even available to the public. Many magazine writers and editors have been getting previews of the lovely things coming out of her design studio for several months now.

I was very impressed when I realized that she has been built her company from scratch and only really started it in August 2019. Before then it had just been a dream. It is astonishing how quickly she is making it all happen, even though COVID. And even though she took a break for all of 2020 to study and research. She’s come back and reemerged more ambitious than ever. She’s a force of nature and very hands-on. She enjoys working with everyone in her company, from the makeup artists to the embroidery designers, and tends to form close relationships with them all. 

Each item she designs is meticulously edited to reflect her personal fashion aesthetic. She prefers comfy, opulent, and timeless pieces, like sweaters, loungewear, and jumpsuits.  

Her idea originally started when she was vacationing in France. She gasps as if to emphasize the fantastic beauty of the European beach cities. She tells me about all the clothes, the art, the music, and the culture. She was quite taken with those dazzling destinations and wanted to channel that stunning effortless style into her company. 

Her dream started in France, but it was in New York City where she wrote out her entire business plan and strategy. She remembers being in her apartment — papers spread all over her bed with her designs, her logo ideas, and even the quilted rain boots drawn down the very last detail. (The very same rain boots that are now in her collection). 

“New York does something to me every time. That city inspires me so many feelings in me with such intensity that all I want to do is create. I feel like I’m living in my own movie.  It’s a very special city and the first time I went there I couldn’t help but to feel like it was the city of love, hence why my line is so romantic.”

The profound effect those beautiful cities had on her was enough for her to continue her dream until she made it a reality.

Back in Los Angeles she couldn’t shake those feelings; that’s when she slowly started to build. She would go to fashion shows and red carpets and she greatly admired the people who would interview her.

“They welcomed and embraced me from the very start,” she says. “I think they could see that I was a sincere, hardworking, and an independent person. I know that they respected that right away.” 

From her perch amongst Hollywood royalty, Leia became incredibly focused and inspired by the idea of creating something that was her own. 

Always observing, she closely studied the red carpet, she asked a lot of questions. She wanted to know where people got their accessories and gowns from, she wanted to know what made them choose what they were wearing.

She correctly predicted that Online fashion was only going to expand. And expand it did raising to a multi-trillion dollar industry.

“I knew I wanted to jump on that market and I worked like crazy and eventually created the exact scenario I had written down those many years ago in New York.”

By Momna Ikram

Photos by Tim Sabatino  

Makeup by Daniel Shia

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