Record Executive and Promoter Bez Helps Artists Reach The Next Level Of Success

Nigel ‘Bez’ Lee is not passing up on his opportunities to enhance his brand and experience in the entertainment industry. Since he entered the industry, the Atlanta-based businessman has taken on various roles, helping him gather success and vital lessons that he can share with people interested in gaining success in music and entertainment.

Successful management – an essential element

A good manager or management team can make the difference between artists topping charts and shows or them having to pack up their dreams within a year. Bez understands this and continues to use his expertise and connections to help many established or upcoming talents get top-level management.

Currently, Bez manages songwriter Kane Prexise, a promising writer taking big wins in the industry, working with several prominent artists and soon-to-be-released projects.

He is also working with the artist, Neecy J who has just released her exciting EP, “Supa Natural,” which is capturing hearts and minds. The song has already acquired success where it was charted number 9 on iTunes sales charts.

Always looking to help others shine

In his over ten years in the industry, Bez seeks out ways to give the everyday fellow with the skills and ambition the chance to make it. He recently ended the Collab With The Best tour, a 15 city tour where he went across various US cities to select upcoming artists with winning potential. The chosen artists will be signed to a Universal distribution deal and be pushed by them.

Bez is determined to help artists with all their marketing needs

Bez has worked with many big names in the business and has acquired a wealth of experience in various areas, including marketing. His marketing skills are top-notch, and he has joined forces to create a marketing company called Eleven33 Group. Through Eleven33 Group, he can help artists showcase their skills through various mediums and remain highly competitive.

Bez has all the solutions to help artists launch out successfully. Want to learn more about him? Visit his Instagram page or visit