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Mariia Nova recently published her debut novel Infnit. The Last Bridge of Sam.

The science-fction thriller is set in the future and takes readers on an odyssey through space and time.

Congratulations on publishing your novel! Can you provide us with a brief synopsis?

The book begins in the year 2050 and Earth no longer exists. The planet has become inhabitable due to climate change and rising sea levels. Humans have had to rely on machines for survival, using robots to transport mankind to other planets, known as Infnits. These Infnits symbolize spinning disks of energy, serving as the seven chakras.

Who are the characters in the book?

On one of these Infnits we meet Sam, our lead character. She is a young, orphaned girl with superpowers. A sudden and unexpected turn of events leads her to embark on a courageous journey across the seven Infnits. Sam has taken on this challenging voyage to save the one person that she loves, the woman that raised her. While traversing across the universe in search of her, Sam meets a merciless fgure named Fear. Despite

initially despising this heartless man, an attraction slowly grows, and Sam eventually develops an unlikely but unbreakable bond with Fear.

What happens on their journey?

The two partners risk sacrifcing everything as they navigate the stars from one planet to the next, leading them to encounter the seven spiritual leaders of the Infnits. Sam and Fear convince the Infnit leaders to join their search, uniting forces to fght the darkness in order to try and save Earth, returning it to its original form and natural beauty. When all hope seems lost, they encounter a mechanism that reminds people of the simpler things in life that humans have forgotten. Sam and Fear manage to show humans that their bodies contain everything they need to thrive. Subsequently, humans start exploring the energy within themselves again and begin to understand the changes that have taken place. Generations will now learn what was once forgotten, that science and energy collide to create the biostructure of our bodies. By the end of this sci-f fairytale, it’s 2070 and robots have built bridges to other worlds. Throughout the book, Sam undergoes a signifcant transformation, overcoming all odds to fnd her family and return Earth to humanity.

What can readers learn from your book?

Infnit. The Last Bridge of Sam informs readers of cause and effect while expanding on the importance of fundamental values such as nature, family, freedom, justice, friendship, and love.

Where did your inspiration come from?

My inspiration came from nature. I grew up in nature and from a young age, I was an avid reader. I was constantly writing adventure stories as a form of escapism from my small village life.

How was the creative writing process for you?


Infnit. The Last Bridge of Sam was written in one night, initially being roughly 1,000 pages in length. It then took me a number of years to work with an editor and revise the work until we eventually landed on the fnal 270 pages.

What has changed from writing the book to now releasing it?

Even though I frst wrote the book 5 years ago, Infnit. The Last Bridge of Sam has an eerie semblance to the pandemic world we’re now living in. Much of my writing served as foreshadowing for what was to unfold with the arrival of COVID-19. For example, the cover art for Infnit. The Last Bridge of Sam depicts the lead character wearing a face mask. It was almost like an omen… as I was preparing to release my book the world was suddenly flled with a masked public, due to safety measures. Infnit. The Last Bridge of Sam ends with humans taking off their face masks, which now hopefully willbe the case for us too. As we carefully step into this post-pandemic promised land, I wish that we can all look to the future with positivity, knowing that a new world and endless opportunities await us.

Where can readers fnd your book?

Infnit. The Last Bridge of Sam is available for purchase on Amazon and Lulu.