Meghan Roche – Modern Masterpiece

How an enlightened soul and high fashion top model revolutionise forever a global Fashion Industry  – by staying in the eternal light and authentic self. 

Forever the feeling of the infinite – how beauty transcendent reality into a higher sphere.

What is Beautiful, how do we perceive beauty, how does it affect us?

Can Beauty lead to enlightenment or at least transform the individual into a better person?

 In Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Novel The Idiot his protagonist Prince Myshkin declares :

I believe the world will be saved by beauty.

I read this quote a few years ago when I was still young with my ring number twelve on the tree of my life. In my naive view of the world,  I was wondering how someone by being pretty could solve all the problems the human race has to face. I did not understand yet what it means to have a glowing aura,  a radiant vibration, a performance of gratitude, an awareness of something higher than myself.

The truthful factors why a human soul sees through the eyes and encounters someone as beautiful.

Nature and physical reality does not make a difference but in symmetry and the most healthy in our race are who are even being able the holy unity and balance of the opposite forces male and female in 

One person, an androgynous metamorphosis, not labelling but flowing between them, yin and yang perfectly balanced, the state of transcendence.

Autumn 2019 Paris, France.

The first time the universe made me aware of Meghan Roche.

Considered one of the top American supermodels. Meghan Roche is known for her tall height, slim figure, dark-blonde hair, pale skin, stunning face, blue eyes and attractive attitude. Not to add, this girl is a rising fashion sensation who is signed by IMG Models and has already worked with companies such as Ralph Lauren, H&M, Max Mara, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Her childhood and upbringing.

Meghan Roche, a rising star in the modelling profession, is born from Yardley, Pennsylvania, in the United States, and spent most of her youth there. The 20-year young model finished her secondary education in her hometown before relocating to New York to pursue a modelling career professionally. 

Most individuals are hesitant to sing the praises of their parents. They prefer to leave, although Meghan Roche is an exception since she loves her hometown. It’s a typical American fantasy life, set in the suburbs. She had a spacious backyard with forests, as well as a dog wandering about. She spent most of her time in the great outdoors. The youngsters from the neighbourhood would come out and kick a soccer ball around. She was born into a family of athletes. They’d be watching football on TV if they were inside. They’d be playing it right now if they were outdoors. Meghan Roche was a highly engaged member of the community.

Not to mention, people born under such a sign are recognized for their hard work, creativity, patience, and dependability.

Truly a role model for balance and metamorphose.

What is the key to her figure’s success?

There is no way about it; she keeps herself in shape by sweating a great deal at the gym. Meghan also avoids bad foods, such as sugar, carbohydrates, and junk food, and only consumes a well-balanced diet.

Start of her career

Meghan Roche had never pictured herself modelling at the start of her career since she was a tremendous tomboy. She exclusively hung around with males and wore basketball shorts & basketball sneakers. Meghan Roche decided to have her eyebrows groomed at a large spa and shop in her town after 1 of her initial volleyball competitions. As Meghan Roche was sitting, the proprietor of the spa grabbed her arm and told her, “You have to model!” And others have previously stated something similar in the past. At the time, Meghan Roche was thirteen years old. He contacted her mother’s agency and informed her that they necessary to reach Meghan Roche. Meghan Roche has always enjoyed proving people wrong, so she decided to take a chance and see what would happen. Her instinct told her that God was throwing her a strange curveball and that if she ignored it, she would never know what would happen. It’s possible that if she accepts it, it’ll be just what she needs.

In terms of her professional life

Steven Meisel photographed the campaign for Givenchy. It was Meghan Roche’s and Clare Waight Keller’s first campaigns as creative directors, respectively. The first-jackpot! It was made even better by the fact that she filmed cats, whom she adores.

To be on set alongside Steven Meisel was a dream come true for her.

According to her, she may have blacked out for the first half. Most settings don’t look like his, in retrospect. They filmed in Yonkers, and the set was cramped. Meghan Roche isn’t often scared by strangers, but she was because of what she’d heard about Steven from others. He turned out to be the most amazing person I’d ever met. Meghan Roche wasn’t scared whatsoever when they started filming since he didn’t say much but had a pleasant demeanour. It had been a fantastic day all around.

Her Nyc professional life

Meghan Roche shot the work in the summer of 2017, and she had an exclusive with Givenchy in September for their show. She likes to think she’s not an anxious person, and she was trembling. Meghan Roche was humiliated later when she saw the video because she felt so stiff! Meghan Roche was no longer an exclusive after that, but in February 2018, she was on a semi-exclusive with Alexander Wang. Meghan Roche had already relocated before then. She was seventeen years old at the time. 

Humans’ perception of beauty has been a mystery to date. This perception is not limited to only one domain. It applies to all domains and hence one can ask, for example, about the perception of the phenomena of beauty in space. The answer is, we cannot see it because it does not exist. But, the theory of relativity states that no matter how something seems to be, it is.

This is the theory of relativity, which postulates that all things in the universe are equally nothing but a combination of matter and energy. In other words, beauty does not appear in things because they are a mixture of matter and energy. The question is, how humans perception of beauty and beautiful things change when we talk about the phenomenon of beauty in space? It is quite simple to make a visualisation of beauty in outer space because our eyes are better equipped than any instruments on Earth that can take us there. However, the problem is, we are not able to measure beauty in space or to take a picture of such beauty.

Is the perception of beauty similar to the perception of beauty in our physical domain? 

It is not. When we take a picture of the surface of the moon or Mars, the surface material of these bodies is difficult to be examined and measured. It is because we cannot stand close to such beautiful things, we do not attempt to stand closer or analyse the appearance of such objects.

On the other hand, human beings have an inner sense of beauty that is not reducible to appearance. The beauty here is not a subjective idea. It is a subjective idea rooted in the self-consciousness of humans. In other words, beauty is something that humans have constructed especially for themselves. And it is through this construction process, through the mental attitude of the humans that beauty appears in the external world.

Beauty is defined by quantum physicists as an invisible, intangible quality, which pervades all objects in the universe, including humans. Therefore, it follows that how humans perceive beauty and space in outer space is very different from how they perceive beauty and the other things of the universe. How they view the nature of beauty and outer space depends on how humans are built and how humans are perceived.

What is beauty then? 

For philosophers, beauty comes from objects. It does not come from the contour or the form of the thing. According to them, beauty is something that can be seen, as well as feeling, or which can be described. And beauty exists independently of the object for which it is associated.

However, for scientists and psychologists, beauty is a more complex concept. They say that beauty comes from the brain, from the eyes, from the soul and the understanding of the mind. We also know that beauty comes from the three interrelated elements: the light, the colours and the space that the object occupying the outer space offers. This, therefore, means that the beauty of an object cannot be measured in visible space, because these three factors do not exist in outer space. Only the human mind can define beauty, so how can one measure and identify beauty when he cannot see or touch beauty?

The perception of beauty is therefore very subjective. People living in faraway places may have a very different perception of beauty from those living right here on earth. But we all have a common brain, and it can only use physical objects to define beauty in outer space.

 The relationship between beauty and art started when man began to perceive things more according to their physical being rather than according to their spiritual being. As a result, the beauty that people sought only appeared as a result of their physical senses. Human’s perception of beauty changed when the Egyptians found that adding certain symbols to their architecture helped them create an illusion of beauty.

How Beauty and Beautiful Things is connected to Art starts when the Egyptians began adding abstract images to their architecture. As a result, the very concept of beauty itself was transformed, as everything became a matter of human perception. Therefore, the artists of Egypt began to portray their ideas in the form of pictures and sculptures instead of paintings and sculptures that depicted their ideas as beautiful objects. With this change in the human perception of beauty, the entire concept of beauty changed as well.

With the change in the human perception of beauty, mankind began to place greater importance on emotions instead of beauty. Because of this, art started to take a backseat and became more about portraying the ideas of man in a visual format. It took the form of music instead of paintings. It took the form of literature and became more oriented towards the written word. It took the form of theatre instead of being a form of creativity and entertainment.

How Beauty and Beautiful things are connected to Art again lies in the fact that art forms the basis of how we see beauty in the world. Painting and sculpture help to define beauty because they help to reveal what beauty is. Therefore, a painting or a sculpture does not truly define beauty for us until we have a good eye for what is beautiful. In the same way that we judge a testimony by the look of a person, we judge a work of art by its appearance. A painting becomes beautiful only when the viewer looks at it with an unbiased mind. Such unbiased judgment is a very important part of human psychology.

The connections between how beauty and art began to slowly blur as the need for emotions faded away. People were able to distinguish between art and beauty without needing to go any deeper into the subject. There are still people who look for art and beauty in all aspects of life, however, most of them have lost the ability to distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary. They have lost the ability to differentiate between the beautiful things of the physical world and the beautiful things of the mental world. This is why art seems to have lost its meaning.

However, while it may seem like we have lost sight of beauty in all aspects of life, it is important to remember that beauty is something that can be found anywhere. It is present in nature, in art, in the faces of the most beautiful people. Beauty is something that transcends time and proves to be timeless. Thus, to keep our minds filled with beauty, it is important to keep an open mind and to understand that there are many different kinds of beauty in the world.

What is Spiritual Enlightenment? 

Spiritual Enlightenment is an important aspect of awakened awareness, as it is the state of ultimate peace, wisdom, and goodness. It is a marked issue that spiritually awakened people have made it to the mainstream urban popular term reference, in which it is defined as Spiritually aware of the universe, all that is within it, and its direct, magical connection to oneself and all life. This is achieved through meditation, prayer, and contemplation.

Spiritual enlightenment is sometimes difficult to define because there are many different levels of spiritual development. The most common definition is the quest for enlightenment, which is common in religions and general philosophical discussions. On other levels, spiritual enlightenment may involve being aware of Divine power, the Universe, or the connection between everything and everyone. It may also involve inner work, self-discovery, or even political activism.

Spiritual awakenings usually happen when a person has an awakening to their true spiritual nature. When this occurs, people typically begin to look at the world around them in a new way. They may become interested in learning more about other cultures and traditions and even immersing themselves in these cultures and traditions. They may become interested in new philosophies, religions, and practices.

A spiritual awakening is very powerful and can have enormous positive impacts on people. However, like anything else in life, a spiritual awakening requires effort, time, and dedication on the part of the individual. Sometimes it takes years before a spiritual awakening can occur. Some people just don’t have that special something. But others have been doing some deep thinking and have found a way to activate their spiritual batteries.

In the beginning, many people simply try to become more comfortable with their spiritual feelings without really paying attention to what they are thinking. This can lead to confusion, which of course, results in less spiritual insight. If you don’t pay attention to what you are thinking and what you’re feeling, how can you know if you are following a path that is right for you? If you just set your goals in front of you without ever really analyzing whether or not you can reach them, how can you know if your actions are aligned with your heart and soul? Without a true understanding of yourself and your unique spirituality, how can anyone else tell whether or not you are spiritual?

The process of spiritual enlightenment can take years, even decades. This is why it’s important to spend some time on becoming spiritually aware. If you don’t start on the right foot, there will be a good chance that you will be walking in circles. Just because you think things are going well doesn’t always mean they are. Learn how to ask the right questions, and you’ll learn how to create the spiritual life you truly want.


Meghan Roche exhibits the chance the human race has if every individual would transcend themselves into the best possible version.

Harvard University Original Research by Phoenix Melville