From Music, Film and Fashion, SKG is back

A dynamic Los Angeles-based rapper and film producer Helecia Choyce, better known by her artistic name SKG, is sending waves in the world of Rap

In a stunning Hip Hop collaboration, dynamic Rap artist SKG stuns listeners with a compelling new single and music video, “Bad Azz Bitch”.

An eclectic talent in Rap, SKG is a rising female artist who is driven to establish her own foundation within a heavily male-dominated musical world. Using her dynamic vocal talents and hard-hitting lyricism, the artist hopes to channel her unique musical direction, while collaborating with other rising contemporaries.

Partnering with artists RAZ B and Boosie Bad Azz for the direction of the music video for her single, “Bad Azz Bitch”, SKG mesmerizes listeners with her unique musical approach. “Bad Azz Bitch” paves the way for the release of her upcoming Hip Hop album, “Unfinished Business”, which includes features from Lil Boosie, Paul Wall, Dave East, Suga Free, and Anthony Hamilton.

SKG’s diverse musical compositions bring about a breath of fresh air, straying away from the mainstream approach in Hip Hop, and channeling a unique, experimental style- both vocally and through song writing. The eclectic artist’s soundscape channels a diverse, insightful, and forward-thinking musical character, offering listeners a compelling narrative to lose themselves in.

The sound of SKG’s tracks has a strong and intense punch to it with great production making her a very diverse artist. SKG started her career as a teenager, signing to the infamous Deathrow Records.

Having recently released singles featuring Anthony Hamilton, Paul Wall, Lil Boosie, Dave East and Suga Free, SKG has had experience working for a number of heavy hitters in the Rap game. The talented powerhouse also has ties to the film world, serving as a producer placing films on streaming platforms such as Netflix , Tubi, Hulu and more.

A trove of talents, SKG also runs an ad agency, and is looking forward to many exciting projects for the future, including some upcoming films and documentaries, which are going to be released on streaming platforms soon

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