Elliot Skyfall Is Taking Over The Market, From Underground To Mainstream He’s Climbing Fast

Elliot Skyfall, a Hip-Hop artist from Detroit has been grabbing a lot of attention with his new sound. Starting his career and taking it  seriously only in may of 2020, Skyfall has been putting up numbers on his soundcloud and youtube channel that is insane for a beginner that only started a year ago. His sound is like a Juice Wrld and a Travis Scott mix, and  still having his own flows to incorporate in these songs.

The new wave of artists that are coming in from the underground on TikTok are really impressing the masses and moving up on the charts. The next decade of music is here and we are eady.

Elliot has a different swag than anyone in the industry. He has his own vibe to himself that is unmatched. Skyfall makes his own beats, Mixes, and Writes his own lyrics. He is literally an all in one package. If it was me in the industry right now I would be scared for what’s coming, if he is doing all this by himself I can only imagine what he can do with a whole team behind him. Elliot is playing a different game from everyone else and his trajectory is on a crazy angle. Lets see what else Elliot SKyfall brings to the table.