American’t. The Short Film Against Racism, That Is Making Its Way Around The World.

By: Geovanny Balderas- co-writer, director and executive producer and Patricia Chavez Pichardo general producer of American’t.

Through this article we want to reach more and more people to watch the story that will change minds. We want to open their eyes and change the way of thinking of those who promote racism day by day.

What is American’t about?

Alma, a loving full of light first-generation Mexican-American woman, lives happily with her undocumented parents in the countryside. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she runs into Johnny, an immigration agent, and his two racist police friends. Tonight; Alma will know the dark side of life.

American’t” is a story that aims to bring to the screen the real-life struggles faced by people in the United States in the era of former President Trump, where racism and injustice were the new normal.

American ideals are being attacked every day as we witness things that could never be imagined in a modern democracy. The current generation is being indoctrinated to hate anyone that is different from them. Through our story people will experience this racism, injustice, and xenophobia firsthand.

How did the idea for the story come about?

Several events triggered the story. We experienced first hand the change of many people who sympathized with the ideology of former President Trump. Through his racists and discriminatory comments, he empowered his followers to be violent. We saw groups of people in their trucks throwing glass bottles to Latino people. There were young Mexican-Americans who told me that their classmates were yelling at them to go back to Mexico. The country was divided, Trump was imposing the “White-Power” attacking Latinos, African-Americans, Asians; he attacked religions, belittled women and mocked the disabled; all this was the new normal and no one did anything about it.

American’t was our way of expressing our disagreement and showing the world, one of the thousands of stories that were lived in that era; and at the same time, it is a warning of what could happen again if Donald Trump is reelected.

The film is currently in the international festival. American’t has received 11 nominations and 4 awards.

Nominations: Beyond the Curve International Film Festival (Paris), Montreal Independent Film Festival (Canada), Paris International Film Awards (Paris), Austrian

Film Festival (Austria), London Shorts (London), Chicago Indie Film Awards (US), Berlin Shorts.

Awards: Hollywood Gold Awards (US): Best Drama Short Film; Venice Shorts(US):

Best Independent Short Film; Venice Shorts(US): Best Screenplay Geovanny Balderas and Mayank Deogaonkar; and New York Independent Cinema Awards (US): Best Producers Patricia Chavez Pichardo and Geovanny Balderas.

We are willing to make the length film, we have already finished the script with a duration of 150 minutes. Once the festival stage is over, we will look for sponsorship to take American’t to as many screens as possible.