Amel Rose Jumps From Modeling To Music With Light-hearted Single ‘Hey Mama’

From a small town in Texas, Amel Rose is turning heads with her pop hits and beautiful tone By Brennan Stebbins Amel Rose grew up in a small town in Texas, with her grandmother and mother often singing her to sleep. She’d moved in with her grandma after her parents divorced, and fondly recalls the nightly ritual – and her grandma’s beautiful voice.

“I would go in her room before bedtime every single night and she would sing me a song or read me a book,” Amel says. “My mom would come into my room and sing me to sleep if I couldn’t fall asleep.”Her grandma tried to teach Amel the piano but it didn’t stick, and she never thought she could pursue music professionally. But she inherited that beautiful tone of voice. Now she’s sharing it with the masses with a goal to inspire as many people as she


“I just want people to be happy and to listen to my music and want to dance and scream and shout or feel however they want to feel,” she says. I just want my music to bring out whatever they are feeling inside and throw a smile on their face.”“I’m a really emotional person and I forget sometimes how important it is for me to write about what I’m going through,” Amel says. “Music helps me explain exactly where I’m at and paint the picture of the movie I keep replaying over and over in my head. If I get down for a split second, I just switch it around into a positive, influential story to make myself feel better.”Amel launched her music career a few years ago after first working as a professional model. In fact, she was modeling in Paris when she realized she just wasn’t happy with it anymore, and her manager encouraged her to get back into singing and writing. One thing led to another, and now thousands of people listen to her music.

“Your Story” has been played more than 100,000 times on Spotify alone, and her latest single, “Hey Mama,” garnered thousands of views on YouTube in a matter of days. “I’m definitely finding my voice,” she says. “I used to try to listen to people for guidance and thought I needed guidance, for somebody else to tell me this is what you sound like or should sound like. But at the end of the day, finding my own voice is what’s helped me grow into the artist I am today. I tried to rely on people too much in the past and I had to step up and say Amel, you know yourself better than anybody.

Just step into your power and own the light.”People have told Amel that “Hey Mama” gives them chills, and she says it allows listeners to feel powerful and inspired. She actually wrote it after playing with her dog one day. “Her name is Bella but I call her so many different names and that evening I called her Mama randomly,” she says. “The melody popped into my head – Hey Mama, Hey Mama – for the chorus and I went to the studio to look at my beats and where I wanted to take it. It flowed pretty organically from there. I think it took like 15 minutes to write the whole song.” Amel plans to start performing live in the next few months and has a plan for an EP, or maybe a full album, later this summer. In the meantime she wants to “get out there” and meet new people while building a genuine fanbase.

For more, follow Amel Rose on Instagram and Twitter (theamelrose). Her music is available on Spotify and YouTube.